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If government can allow the use of “harmful” products like alcoholic beverages, sugary drinks, and cigarettes, then why not cannabis or marijuana?


This was the main argument of Davao del Norte 1st district Rep. Pantaleon Alvarez in his bid to delist cannabis as a form of dangerous drug under Sections 3(j), 11, and 16 of Republic Act (RA) No.9165, or the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002, as amended.

Alvarez’s pitch was embodied in House Bill (HB) No.6783, which the House Committee on Dangerous Drugs took up Tuesday, Feb. 21.

“The classification of cannabis and its derivatives, as a dangerous drug, is b*llsh*t. It makes no sense at all. And we must correct this absurdity,” the outspoken former House Speaker said in his sponsorship speech for the bill, which he delivered before the committee.

Surigao del Norte 2nd district Rep. Robert Ace Barbers chairs the panel.

“How many acts of violence, crime, and fatal accidents are attributable to the consumption of alcoholic beverages? How many cases of cancer are caused by the smoking of addictive cigarettes and tobacco products with no health benefits at all? How much does government spend on dialysis due to diabetes, the primary cause of which is the consumption of sugary drinks like Coke and other soft drinks?” Alvarez asked.

“And yet, despite the concrete injury and harm they bring, the government allows for the production and sale of these products. Something is definitely not…

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