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FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Voters in Arkansas can now head to the polls to vote on Issue 4. One business owner in Fayetteville is for recreational marijuana but against Issue 4.

Ranaga Farbiarz is the co-owner of the American Shaman Kava Bar in Fayetteville. He said he wants recreational marijuana to be legalized, but he thinks Issue 4 should expunge marijuana-related crimes and never thought he would be against a measure that would legalize recreational marijuana.

The main two complaints he has about the ballot measure are that there are no expungements for people who have committed marijuana-related crimes and the amendment does not allow for home-growth of marijuana.

“Cannabis is a natural plant, it’s actually a weed. If people can grow it in their own gardens for medicinal properties and recreational properties, it would just expand the access to more people it would lower the cost,” said Farbiarz.

When it comes to expungements, Farbiarz said there is a criminal record for a lot of Arkansans who have been convicted of crimes related to marijuana possession, and if it’s legalized, they shouldn’t have to continue to suffer for a previous crime that is now legal.

“It’s just a very important aspect of having legislation written into law that would recognize the fact that these people were unfairly treated,” said Farbiarz.

Lance Huey is the vice-chairman…

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