Son’s secret cannabis farm at Dundee home exposed by his concerned mumPosted by On

A mother who reported one of her sons missing accidentally exposed her other son’s secret cannabis farm to police.

Officers came round to speak to her and told her that the first thing they did in any missing person hunt was to search the home property.

It was during the search that they found a tent set up in Marc Khan’s bedroom, with a number of cannabis plants being cultivated inside it.

Dundee Sheriff Court was told that Khan claimed he was growing the crop in a bid to create cannabis oil to alleviate his terminally ill father’s cancer symptoms.

Fiscal depute Gavin Burton told the court: “The mother of the accused phoned the police to report her other son as a missing person.

“She allowed the police entry to conduct a full search for the missing person as per normal procedures. The final room they searched was the accused’s.

“As they entered there was a strong smell of cannabis. There was a six foot by four foot tent in the corner of the room. There were four…

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