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‘What-ifs’ regarding legal marijuana and workers

I have a few questions and thoughts for all those people who want to make marijuana legal.

Has anyone mentioned anything about those who employ someone on marijuana? What happens to the employer if this employee injures himself or someone else? Do you want someone in your home who is impaired doing electrical or plumbing work? If he does something negligent and your house burns down or someone is killed, who will you sue? The business, stating that it is the business’s fault for allowing this employee to work?

There are enough accidents now without adding another factor. At least with other drugs and alcohol, you can test on the spot to see if there is anything in a person’s system, but with marijuana you can’t, because it stays in your system for weeks, sometimes months.

Marijuana is still a drug, legal or not, and not everyone is going to use it responsibly. So before you make it legal for everyone, you must have a method to test for it — not only for the safety of the employee and employer, but all those around them. You must have rules and regulations for all to follow so that both employers and employees understand their roles and neither one abuses it.

I am not against marijuana becoming legal, but there must be a way for an employer to know if an employee is impaired before he is sent out to do their job. We must develop an accurate, quick, efficient and cost-effective way to test for marijuana. Then…

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