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Sour Diesel Cannabis

Sour Diesel Cannabis is a marijuana strain dominant in Sativa, with minimal elements similar to Indica. Having a Sativa percentage of 90% and Indica proportion of only 10%.

Although the genetic heritage of Sour Diesel is not known accurately. What is known is it was created in the 1990s. It is believed to have Chem-dawg 91 and Super Skunk parent species both regarded highly powerful and heady varieties.

Appearance, Aroma and Flavor

Sour Diesel is renowned for its classic pot look. Featuring leafy green sugar leaves and mildly pink-orange pistils that give this ganja plant some color. Often the nuggets are very frosty, coated with a variety of small crystals that shine.

Sour Diesel Cannabis flavors are earthy with a little bit of citrus fruit. You should expect the skunky, pungent nature of Sour Diesel to overwhelm the other aspects of its flavor. With an occasional fairly subtle citrus or spice taste.

Sour Diesel Cannabis Effects

With a THC range of between 15%-26%. Sour Diesel cannabis strains will give you a pleasing energy and instant mood boost. After consuming, expect to become bubbly, furthermore it will leave both your body and mind at ease. Leaving you feeling light and airy, while still allowing errands to be done during the day.

Growing Your Sour Diesel Cannabis

Sour Diesel cannabis can be cultivated indoors or outdoors, with the right conditions. When grown outdoors, it requires plenty of sunlight. A particularly fertile soil to transform it into a solid and sustainable plant.

If your Sour Diesel cannabis plant does not get enough sunshine it can develop growth problems. Grown indoors, there is no preferred technique of cultivation for this marijuana strain. One thing to consider is that it tends to grow quite high. Higher  than the average marijuana plant, sometimes making it hard to grow indoors.

Plants grown outdoors, yield about 20 to 25 ounces per plant. If grown indoors, expect roughly the same amount. Flowering time is between 9-10 weeks.

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Medicinal Benefits

It has an extremely strong mental and emotional impact. It is a lovely marijuana Cannabis strain. Ideally suited for those coping with depression, anxiety and pressure, and helps to bring beneficial energy back to your life. If you are experiencing fatigue consumption of a slightly bigger dose than usual is helpful. Sour Diesel cannabis is great to use for relieving headaches and chronic pain.

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