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(KVHT) – South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley has unveiled a draft ballot explanation for a proposed constitutional amendment to legalize recreational marijuana in the state. The amendment was submitted by a Rapid City resident and shared with South Dakotans on Friday. It aims to permit individuals 21 and older to possess, grow, sell, ingest, and distribute marijuana and related paraphernalia. The proposed measure would not impact existing laws pertaining to hemp. Additionally, it introduces the concept of dual-use licenses for medical marijuana dispensaries. That means it would allow for the sale of marijuana to adults aged 21 and above. This initiative marks the second attempt this year to legalize marijuana in South Dakota. In order to make it on the 2024 ballot, the proposed measure must garner 17,509 signatures. Jackley has refrained from taking a stance on the proposal. Instead, the draft explanation is intended to inform voters about the purpose and potential impact of the amendment. The public has until November 27th to provide comments with the final version expected to be submitted to the Secretary of State by December 7th. If approved, this amendment could usher in significant changes to South Dakota’s marijuana legislation.

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