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Spanish police said they seized the largest amount of cannabis ever discovered, in a series of raids, in various regions of the country.

Authorities have indicated that they have seized 32 tonnes of the drug, the market price of which exceeds £ 57 million. Police said they arrested 9 men and 11 women, aged between 20 and 59, in the raids. The Civil Guard said the “complex drug network” was exporting cannabis in various regions of Europe. The weight of the seized plants is equivalent to the weight of 5 adult African elephants.

Gang members were arrested in raids in the cities of Toledo, Ciudad Real, Valencia and Asturias last month, but “Operation Gardens” was not announced until Saturday. Police said the business was overseen by multiple “companies”, each with their own duties, since the purchase of the semisowing, drying of plants, packaging and transport abroad.

A civil guard statement said police seized “the largest amount of packaged cannabis discovered so far”. “The number of confiscated plants is 1.1 million plants.”

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