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INDIANAPOLIS — Within the next month, recreational marijuana will be legal in three of the four states that neighbor Indiana.

Ohio voters approved this on Tuesday and will soon join Illinois and Michigan as well as about 20 other states with legalized marijuana.

It will also become medicinally available in Kentucky in 2025. As Hoosiers sit in the middle of these recent changes in neighboring states, it is creating a bigger business divide. Still, the head of state law enforcement has major safety concerns about making changes.

“Right now, marijuana is illegal in Indiana, and I know I am on an island almost by myself, but I think it needs to stay that way,” Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter told FOX59/CBS4 on Wednesday.

In a one-on-one interview, Superintendent Carter was not afraid to share his thoughts on legalizing marijuana. Cannabis is now just a car ride away in almost every direction from Indiana. To that end, Carter argues the increasing ease of access is making it harder to investigate OWIs.

“It makes it really, really complicated and much more complicated than when it was just one intoxicant, that being alcohol,” he said.

The state’s top law enforcement official worries roadside safety is in serious jeopardy.

“It’s becoming very complicated, and we know that serious bodily injury crashes are going to increase,” Carter said. “We…

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