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IDAHO FALLS – State officials are requiring businesses that sell CBD products to remove items for animals, effective Nov. 1.

Idaho House Bill 126 passed last year legalized the licensed production and handling of industrial hemp. CBD is a molecule extracted from industrial hemp. Under the law, the sale of CBD products is legal, providing it does not contain THC, the element known for getting people high.

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The Idaho State Department of Agriculture says the law does not include animal feed products.

In a letter to animal feed retailers, manufacturers and distributors dated July 20, the department says the production and sale of “hemp or hemp-derived products, including CBD, are not recognized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or the Association of American Feed Control Officials as legal feed ingredients.”

“Safe levels of hemp and hemp-derived products in animal feed have not yet been established under federal or state law. As such, these products are not approved feed ingredients and cannot lawfully be added to or incorporated into commercial feed,” the letter says.

Treats, remedies and supplements are included in the ISDA’s definition of animal feed products.

James Rupp, who owns Nugget CBD at 625 Pancheri in Idaho Falls, tells animal treats and supplements make up 25-30% of the shop’s business and a pet calming chew is the No. 1 selling item this year.


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