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Strain Reviews: Lemon G Cannabis Sativa Hybrid

Hey Stoners Welcome to The Johno Show I’m your host Jonathan. It’s Thursday February 2nd 2017 and that means it’s strain review day. Today we’re gonna review some Lemon G and joining us for the adventure is Tim Mattson from the NYC Cannabis Film Festival.

Lemon G is the pride of Ohio, representing the Midwest among all the Dutch and West Coast strains out there. It’s described as potent, well-focused and even. This sativa hybrid is a daughter of Original G13. This is not a pure sativa so relaxing indica effects tend to show up first after consuming Lemon G.

Over time, however, the upbeat, euphoric, and giggly sativa effects begin to emerge. Taste-wise, this strain is fairly mellow and does not necessarily exhibit the strong citrus properties found in its scent.

Let’s Smell It!!

Lemon, Citrus, Sweet

We can’t Look at it Under the Microscope because it’s pre-rolled.

Now let’s smoke it!!

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3 Comments on Strain Reviews: Lemon G Cannabis Sativa Hybrid

cyberbumJB said : administrator Report 10 months ago

love your energy in these videos

Ed-Sanders said : subscriber Report 10 months ago

I found this very informative. Thank you for posting!

cannassuer said : subscriber Report 10 months ago

Love Lemon G never had a bad experience with any of the lemons

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