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strawberry cough

strawberry cough

I came across some Strawberry Cough strain and wanted to try it.  We purchased an ounce of flower for $90.  7.2 grams of it was this strain which is a Sativa Hybrid.  We now go to Emerald City Wellness dispensary in Colorado Springs.  He has the best bud around for the price which is real reasonable for the patients.  Note:  I got a free gram of shatter for buying this ounce.

strawberry cough flower

strawberry cough flower

The buds are dense, with nice orange hairs throughout and vary in size.  The aroma is pronounced and smells up the room when ground up in my diamond grinder.  We ground up three nuggets of equal size and produced the quantity you see.  The weed does smell of strawberry and hence the name.  Smoking it, I took three puffs and coughed.  There is a definite head rush after coughing it.  I feel the head high, which allows one to function, yet makes everything interesting.  This strain also relieves anxiety and stress and is good for daytime consumption.  I enjoyed the animated interactions I had with people while under the effects of this strain.  It’s easy to get sidetracked.  This is a great strain for adult use in that you can still function while on it.  At least I can, a heavy user.  Every user is different though so you should try it before you make up your mind.

Next we loaded some into our PAX2 Vaporizer and vaped some.  After cleaning the PAX2, we filled the chamber with the required ground up flower.  Two pulls and I was on cloud nine.  The taste is a gritty strawberry flavor, and definitive cough a sign of having done too big of a hit.  I needed several hits from the pipe to equal one pull of the PAX2, so vaping is the best way to experience this strain in my opinion.

All in all, I can recommend this strain for an adult use strain perfect for when you need to function and do things.  I did not notice a lot of pain relief, but the stress and anxiety were lifted.  If you come across it, do try it!  It’s good for sharing as well.


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