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DENVER–()–Caliper Foods, the pioneer of fast-acting, scientifically backed, water soluble cannabinoids, recently completed a clinical research study in partnership with Colorado State University in which findings showed that formulation design makes a significant difference in pharmacokinetics—the rate and amount of CBD absorbed into the body. The study also found that consumption of food significantly increased pharmacokinetic absorption of Caliper Foods’ proprietary formulation of water-soluble cannabidiol (CBD).

“These findings further the industry’s understanding about how cannabinoids are being absorbed and metabolized by the body, which allows cannabis brands to create products that deliver predictable, efficacious doses to allow consumers to get the intended health benefits of CBD,” said Dr. Chris Bell, a study co-author and Director of the Integrative Biology Lab at CSU.

Five different 30 milligram CBD formulations were clinically tested, with Caliper Foods’ water-soluble CBD exhibiting 282% to 434% greater absorption than oil-based CBD formulations. Additionally, the 30mg dose of CBD was evaluated for impact to the liver. The study authors concluded that consuming Caliper Foods’ water-soluble CBD with food “increases systemic availability by 2.2X and low-dose CBD probably does not represent a risk to normal liver function.”

“Caliper Foods seeks to advance cannabinoid research, and understanding the pharmacokinetics helps researchers design studies that build from this clinical research and use formulations with known absorption patterns,” said Keith Woelfel, Director of Research Development at Caliper Foods. “For example, pharmacokinetic data from our specific water-soluble formulations have been used to design and conduct research examining CBD effects on autism, alcohol cravings and enhanced sports performance. I look forward to Caliper Foods’ continued role in these and other health-related research endeavors.”

More information about this clinical study, published in the science journal Nutrients, can be found at

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