Study of 11,000 Kids Links Cannabis Use During Pregnancy To Child Behavioral ChangePosted by On

Slashdot reader omfglearntoplay shared this article from Science Alert:

A cross-sectional analysis of 11,489 children, 655 of whom were exposed to THC in the womb, has found cannabis use during pregnancy is tied to a small elevation in psychotic-like behaviours later in life. These include aggression towards others, as well as attention and social problems… the relationship stood even when other confounding factors, such as genetic predispositions, were considered.

Whether or not this link is causal is another matter — after all, there are many other factors the researchers may not have considered — but in the context of other research, it’s an interesting link worthy of further exploration… [S]everal other lines of evidence have shown prenatal cannabis exposure is associated with decreased attention span and some behavioural problems in children…

While research on the health effects of cannabis is slowly catching up with legalisation, data…

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