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super lunar shatter

pen battery with atomizer attached

pen battery with atomizer attached

My dispensary was out of my cartridge refills, so my budtender at Best Budz of Colorado Springs recommended a gram of the Super Lunar shatter by Oilwell.  The price, including the new atomizer for my pen battery was $31.  The gram of shatter was $20 (regular price) and the atomizer attachment for my pen was $11.  The 750 mg. cartridge costs $32 on sale, so we went with the shatter/atomizer for one dollar less.

Jeremy the budtender tells me that the piece wears out after a few weeks of continued use, but they sell the replacement part for $4 and will change it out for you if you bring it in.  I am not a continual use kind of patient, so we believe that it will last a couple of months with our experience.

The glass cover fits onto the atomizer attachment, and makes an effective mouthpiece.  One simply places a small piece of the shatter into the atomizer, replace the glass cover, press the button on your battery and inhale.

super lunar packaging by oilwell

super lunar packaging

The shatter is the Super Lunar strain, an indica and  is 1 gram in weight and comes wrapped in a piece of wax paper and inside a child resistant plastic pouch, which is resealable. I did need to use scissors to open the package.  The shatter is carmal colored and it breaks apart easily with the thumbnail.  I use a little tool to handle the piece of shatter as I insert it into the atomizer.  You can use a small, small piece.

Just a couple of inhalations are all that’s necessary to achieve the desired

pen battery, atomizer and glass cover

pen battery, atomizer and glass cover

effect.  This product is concentrated so one can dole out the hits and it doesn’t take a lot of your gram.  I noticed the effect very quickly, the pain relief and the sudden head high.  The taste of this Super Lunar is mild and doesn’t impress me much.  An article shows how to make shatter in case you don’t know what shatter is.  Our sample wasn’t as clear as is pictured in the article.

The high lasts about 2-3 hours, although I tend to re-medicate sooner than that for uninterrupted pain relief.    This gram of shatter contains 40.9 mg of THC and 749.6 mg THCA according to the packaging.  I wasn’t able to find out much about the Oilwell brand online.  Hopefully they will come out with a website soon and I will update this if they do.  As far as I know the product is only available in Colorado.  I did find reference to it at other dispensaries in Colorado.

I like the delivery method of using my pen battery for vaping this shatter.  Be aware that this rapid method of delivery will get you stoned faster and more effectively, so don’t operate heavy machinery (drive while you’re under the effects).

Turns out, using shatter is an economical (for me) way to medicate and it helps make my weed last for the month.  Being on a fixed income is hard sometimes to be able to stay supplied and budget accordingly.  Thanks for the tip, Jeremy!  I was spending more on cartridges that I throw away and this way I spend less and get more (1 gram vs. 750 mg. cartridge).

Now I realize that many of you are not in a legal state.  If your state has a medical cannabis program, get on it so you can enjoy the benefits of shatter.  If your state is not legal yet, and I say yet, keep up the pressure on these politicians who control your quality of life if you are in pain and would benefit from medical cannabis.  Use this tool to find out who it is you need to contact, and then contact them and let them know your feelings on the subject.  OK Rant over.


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