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We recently acquired some vape cartridges made by The Refinery, a Colorado Springs based seed to vape company.  This 1,000 mg vape cartridge is rated at 86.1% THC and .36% CBD.  Super Silver Sin Mint is the strain and the purchase was made at Emerald City Wellness in Colorado Springs, Colorado, a medical-only dispensary.  I was surprised to learn the cost of the cartridges to be $32.50 and we purchased two of the same cartridge.  I had been looking for indica cartridges, but this hybrid strain fits the bill nicely.

The cartridge is contained in a child resistant, hell, adult resistant package which must be cut open with a scissors.  The cartridge shows no sign of leakage and appears to be “full”.

I screwed the cartridge onto my vape pen and tried the first puff.  It was too big of a hit and we coughed.  The flavor is typical of these cartridges, with a hint of mint to it.  I should say we were high after a couple of draws on the vape pen.  Then just a draw every now and again to maintain the buzz.  Our medical provider recommends, and I concur, that we take smaller hits and breath naturally rather than hold it in.  I know you’ve been told all your lifetime to hold it in, but it’s actually not necessary to absorb the thc, within milliseconds you have your thc and don’t need to deprive your body of oxygen by holding it in.  Try it and see.

I would have thought the 1,000 mg cartridge would have lasted longer than a week, but I didn’t even notice my lack of smoking during this time.  I was able to give away half of my stash to my neighbor for walking my dog for me from the savings in flower I would have used.  This is a good cartridge and I recommend you get a couple to vape.  Likely you’ll pay a lot more where you’re at for a cartridge of the 1,000 mg variety so sorry about that.  My dispensary has amazing deals.


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