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Washington (KDVR) — It’s taken three years for Alexis Bortell’s medical marijuana lawsuit to reach the Supreme Court of the United States, and there’s still no guarantee the high court will take the case. But on Friday, Oct. 9, SCOTUS is expected to meet behind closed doors to decide if it’s one of the cases that will be put on the docket for its 2021 term.

FOX31 first featured Alexis Bortell and her class-action lawsuit that asks the U.S. Supreme Court to declare federal marijuana policy unconstitutional back in 2017.

The now 15-year-old from Larkspur uses medical marijuana in the form of liquid drops three times a day. The medicine keeps her from having seizures caused by her intractable epilepsy.

Alexis’ seizures were so severe as a child that doctors in her home state of Texas recommended brain surgery.

Instead, her parents moved to Colorado, where they grow marijuana in their backyard used to benefit Alexis and others.

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