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A majority of Americans say cannabis — medically and recreationally — is acceptable, according to numerous surveys, including those by Pew Research Center, Monmouth University and Arizona’s NORML.

Published on Oct. 24 by Marijuana Moment, the university’s poll showed most believe alcohol and tobacco are more dangerous than marijuana.

Arizona’s NORML noted in April that “69% of adults support legalizing marijuana,” and most Americans said, “It’s less harmful than alcohol.” About 69% of respondents support legalization, and that rose to 92% when asked if cannabis should be permitted for therapeutic purposes.

According to NORML, 65% of survey takers, including 72% of baby boomers, acknowledge having tried cannabis at least once, which is a much higher percentage than has been reported in other national polls.

A Pew Research Center survey reported just “one-in-10 U.S. adults say marijuana should not be legal at all.” To break it down, 10% say marijuana should not be legal; 30% say cannabis should only be used for medical use; and 59% want to make it legal for medical and adult use.

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