Sweeney: Let Voters Decide Fate of Recreational Marijuana in 2020Posted by On

Senate President Steve Sweeney says he has given up trying to get enough votes in the Senate to try and legalize recreational marijuana in New Jersey.

“We were attempting to get marijuana passed through the legislative process … and we just don’t have the votes to pass it right now. I made a decision as the president of the Senate that we’re going to move to a ballot initiative for the 2020 general election,” Sweeney said.

He said the Legislature could go ahead with a medical marijuana expansion bill that is popular in Trenton. It would also be a good idea, he said, to pass a bill that would expunge the criminal records of those with low-level marijuana convictions.

Sweeney said it would not be difficult to get the legalization issue on the ballot. “That’s probably the easiest thing,” he said. “Then it’s getting it passed, which obviously I’m…

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