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Cannabis seeds 101 – The basics

Seeds VS Clones

A heated debate among many growers, cannabis seeds which is better? Which should you start with as a new grower? There’s no right answer. Clones are cuttings from a plant that have been stimulated to produce roots. When it has established the roots, the cutting can be developed into a fully grown up plant that ...

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Who can cultivate marijuana?

Rather than asking the question, ‘who can cultivate marijuana?’ most people ask the question whether marijuana cultivation is for me. How do you decide whether it is for you to cultivate pot plants? First of all, you need to understand your own requirements. Do you use marijuana regularly? It could be for recreational purposes or ...

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SeedSupreme Seedbank is the perfect online store for great-value, high THC, regular, feminized and auto-flowering cannabis seeds. You'll find the dankest and stickiest pot strains available from around the world with heirloom landrace breeds, potent hybrids and classic Dutch genetics all available at SeedSupreme. So whether you want interesting new hybrids or you're looking to find high quality Kush, Haze, Northern Lights or AK47 seeds you've come to the right place.
Cannabis Strains, cannabis seeds
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10 Cannabis Strains for the Holidays

With all the fun, wild activities, and chasm associated with the holiday season, it is almost as if cannabis was peculiar to the Yuletide season. There are varoius strains available for of your enjoyment in Marijuana delivery Santa Barbara and Santa weed delivery  during the holidays especially the festive time of the ...

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John Lin is a professional blogger and marijuana supporter. Currently, he is working with California Marijuana Dispensary, leading online cannabis news provider in California. John loves to write about the benefits of cannabis and related products.