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PTSD Warrior: Med Update/Part-Time Student

“The problem with having problems is that ‘someone’ always has it worse.” ― Tiffany Madison, Black and White Good Evening, well I guess actually it would be just turning into the afternoon when you begin reading this but none the less I am hoping you are having a good day. It seems ...

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My name is Erica and I am a 20-something college student, a known state-wide advocate, blogger, and cat mom. I am a music enthusiast, singer, tattoo-crazed, 90’s flower child, follower of Christ, and an inspiring leadership and development consultant. a lover of cannabis, hopeless romantic thoughts and a stronger believer in Love Conquers Hate. Recently just moved back to my hometown in Oregon; I would consider myself an Oregonian through and through. Since Oregon’s official state status; Oregonians are known to be the pioneers of very progressive movements such as the recent passing of our recreational marijuana bill. The declaration of becoming a Sanctuary state before anyone else and strong dedication we have towards the funding for both students within Higher Education and K-12 school.
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MY NAME IS NATALIE AND I’M 25 YEARS OLD. I’ve struggled with mental health issues since middle school. It’s been a very taxing journey physically, mentally, and emotionally. At times, I’ve been on the brink of giving up. Living with a mental health issue makes life so much more complex, and every day tasks can seem ...

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Natalie Tataryn is an employee with the federal government of Canada and throughout the past two years has developed a strong passion for the Canadian cannabis industry. Through the sharing of her personal experience, she hopes to change the minds of Canadian clinicians regarding the benefits that medical cannabis can provide to patients.