Could legal marijuana in Ohio be purchased by June?

AKRON, Ohio — Issue 2, passed by Ohio voters last November, authorizes the legal sale of recreational marijuana in Ohio with the state required to have applications for dispensaries ready by June 7. NE Ohio casting company wants your dog for national ad! The expectation was the first legal sales ... Read More

Marijuana reclassification proposed over lower public health risk

(NewsNation) — Federal health officials recommended loosening federal restrictions on marijuana after concluding it poses a lower public health risk than other controlled substances. The Department of Health and Human Services released an extensive scientific review outlining how it reached this conclusion on Friday. It states “there exists some credible ... Read More

DEA Marijuana Rescheduling Likely By Next Year

WASHINGTON DC – A former Food and Drug Administration official says he’d be “shocked” if the DEA does not reschedule cannabis by next year’s presidential election, and that he expects the DEA will ultimately accept the recent Health and Human Services’ recommendation to ease restrictions on cannabis by reclassifying it as a Schedule III ... Read More

All of the US states where marijuana is legal

Ohio residents have approved a ballot measure to legalise recreational marijuana. The “yes” vote on Issue 2 means those aged 21 and over in Ohio will about to use, grow or sell marijuana under a regulation-and-tax program imposed by the state. Medical marijuana has been legal in Ohio since 2016. ... Read More