How To Use CBD Balm?

… other medications. What Is CBD Balm? CBD balm is a topical product … and potency of the CBD. Understand CBD Concentration: CBD Balms come in various … long does topical CBD take to work? Topical CBD, like CBD balm, typically … Original Author Link click here to read complete ... Read More

These are the 8 best CBD gummies you can buy, period

CBD’s hot streak shows no signs of cooling down any time soon, as shown by the eagerness with which consumers snap up products containing this cannabis compound. The benefits of cannabidiol create a high demand for CBD products. This results in a somewhat flooded market, which can seem like a ... Read More

Texas Legislature considers expanding medical marijuana –

(KTEN) — The State of Texas currently has a Compassionate Use Program that lets doctors prescribe low-THC cannabis to patients with cancer, epilepsy, and certain other medical conditions.  “Primarily we see it in cancer patients, because it does help with improve their appetite, feeling like they can eat,” explained Medicine Shoppe staff pharmacist Don ... Read More

CBD Not Just Innocent Bystander in Weed

This transcript has been edited for clarity. Welcome to Impact Factor, your weekly dose of commentary on a new medical study. I’m Dr F. Perry Wilson of the Yale School of Medicine. I visited a legal cannabis dispensary in Massachusetts a few years ago, mostly to see what the hype ... Read More