Love Triangle Strain by Best Budz of Colorado Springs
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Love Triangle strain by Best Budz of Colorado Springs

Love Triangle is the new strain grown and developed by Best Budz dispensary of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Testing at from 25-27% THC, it is a potent cannabis strain.  Developed by a cross between Lotus Flower and The White.  As you can see the buds are green in color and smell like weed man.  Seriously, the ...

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Ed is a Colorado Springs medical cannabis patient on the Colorado Medical Cannabis Registry and reviews are my own work.
Girl Scout Cookies
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Girl Scout Cookies Strain

Girl Scout Cookies is a hybrid strain, indica dominant.  The buds I got were on the small side, but dense and sticky, even in the dried condition and I got 7 grams for $25 (on sale for Memorial Day).  I ground some up for use in the vaporizer and also smoked from a glass pipe. ...

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Ed Sanders is a medical cannabis patient in Colorado Springs, CO and has been on the state registry for around ten years. I have kicked the morphine and oxycodone with medical cannabis and enjoy same to this day.
Marijuana in ancient China
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History of Medicinal Cannabis

  Medical cannabis has been around for centuries. The first documented records for its use as medicine come from China. It was in 2737 BC that Emperor Shen Neng, according to Chinese legend, prescribed marijuana tea to treat conditions like gout, rheumatism, malaria, and, get this: poor memory. But doctors also warned against excessive ...

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Author Michael is a marketing and creative content specialist at with primary focus on customer satisfaction. Technology and fitness combined healthy lifestyle obsession are his main talking points
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The All Knowing Nod

I must admit, I can’t help but find a little enjoyment in a surprised reaction when the topic of Fibromyalgia treatment comes up and I am asked what I do for my symptoms. First the eyebrows raise then comes the all knowing nod with “Aha, wow… Good for you.” (Whatever that really means) It’s honestly no ...

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A Fibromyalgia fighter who blogs about everyday life with a Chronic Illness as well as my experiences with Medical Cannabis for treatment
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MY NAME IS NATALIE AND I’M 25 YEARS OLD. I’ve struggled with mental health issues since middle school. It’s been a very taxing journey physically, mentally, and emotionally. At times, I’ve been on the brink of giving up. Living with a mental health issue makes life so much more complex, and every day tasks can seem ...

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Natalie Tataryn is an employee with the federal government of Canada and throughout the past two years has developed a strong passion for the Canadian cannabis industry. Through the sharing of her personal experience, she hopes to change the minds of Canadian clinicians regarding the benefits that medical cannabis can provide to patients.