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Did you know that the secret to enhancing your cannabis sessions is using less, not more of the drug? It's true, although it seems counter-intuitive. The less is more rule applies like so: when you stop using cannabis for over a week, it's almost ...

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The new Pax Era and Pax 3 vapes

With the vaporizer industry expanding, Pax Labs made sure not to fall behind. In the past month, Pax Inc. released two new vaporizers: the Pax 3 and the Pax Era. Along with these vaporizers, the company released a Pax Vapor App that will allow you to maximize the temperature of your vapor.  

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Choosing the right grinder for your marijuana

electric-weed-grinderTrying to find the right grinder can be rather difficult. We would recommend buying an electric herb grinder, as these grinders tend to make the process of grinding your marijuana a simple task. These grinders are often fairly inexpensive. If you are seeking ...