Marijuana Use Among US Workers Jumps To Historic Highs

American workers using marijuana on the job rose to a “historic” high last year, according to a new study. Diagnostic information service Quest Diagnostics released a report on May 18, analyzing over 6 million employee urine samples in 2022, and found that 4.3 percent of them were positive for cannabis, up ... Read More

San Francisco Planning Commission Finds Near-School Office ‘A Very Good Location’ for Marijuana Dispensary

SAN FRANCISCO—The San Francisco Planning Commission unanimously approved a marijuana dispensary/smoking spot close to John Yehall Chin Elementary School in a meeting on March 9, despite objections from community members. Vice president of the commission Kathrin Moore concluded it “is actually a very good location.” The suggested marijuana dispensary is ... Read More

How High-Potency Marijuana Has Raised Addiction and Harms

“Fifteen years ago, the idea that people would be having psychotic episodes and psychotic breaks just from THC was unfathomable—audio and visual hallucinations, and intense anxiety,” says Ben Cort. On a recent episode of “American Thought Leaders,” host Jan Jekielek sat down with Cort to discuss a multibillion-dollar industry that ... Read More