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Can Vaping Help You Curb Your Cannabis Usage?

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  Many people are turning to vaping with an e-cigarette in order to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes, but can it also help you with cutting down on your cannabis usage? Although vaping as an alternative to weed is based on anecdotal evidence rather than solid scientific research, there seems to ...

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Product Spotlight – CloudV ElectroMini Portable Enail

CloudV ElectroMini Portable Enail  The CloudV ElectroMini is a portable e-nail that is appropriate for vapers of all experience levels. The cloudV from Cloudvapes is otherwise called a handheld convenient oil rig with water filtration and it is a standout amongst the most compact dab rigs you can discover in the market today. Key ...

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3 Reasons 2018 is the year to quit smoking cannabis… and start vaping!

January is very much the month for new beginnings, self improvement and new healthy habits. This week however, I have failed dry January, haven't used my new gym membership once and have had carbs with every meal - my old habits obviously die a very hard, slow death! One habit I found easy to give up on ...

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Getting the best out of your new weed vaporizer

A dry herb vaporizer is the perfect alternative to smoking a joint. Not only is it healthier but it can also be more convenient just to pop some herbs in your vape rather than taking the time to roll a perfectly constructed joint. Despite being relatively nice and easy to use there are a few tips ...

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The new Pax Era and Pax 3 vapes

With the vaporizer industry expanding, Pax Labs made sure not to fall behind. In the past month, Pax Inc. released two new vaporizers: the Pax 3 and the Pax Era. Along with these vaporizers, the company released a Pax Vapor App that will allow you to maximize the temperature of your vapor.