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The process to decriminalize marijuana in Des Moines started Thursday night.A new task force met for the first time, looking into ways to minimize enforcement for possession of marijuana for personal use.The task force was created last month, when the city council unanimously passed its anti-racial profiling ordinance.Attorney Gary Dickey led the meeting. He said they are working to compile data that shows how expensive it is to enforce marijuana laws.He pointed to court costs and jail time as major expenses. Dickey said, in his experience practicing law in Des Moines, he’s observed that marijuana laws are enforced more in areas with minority and low-income residents.“The reality of it is, I don’t see many stops that result in marijuana, traffic stops that result in marijuana prosecutions, you know, in areas of the city that are higher income areas. And I know there’s marijuana being used,” Dickey said. Members of the task force also discussed the impact a marijuana charge can have on someone’s life. They said they’ll detail that in their proposal to the city council, as well.They plan to submit that at the end of next month.

The process to decriminalize marijuana in Des Moines started Thursday night.

A new task force…

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