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FRAMINGHAM, Mass.–()–In September of 2019, the state of Massachusetts, led by Governor Charlie Baker, banned the sale of cannabis vape cartridges after a spate of lung illnesses across the nation, likely due to vitamin E acetate found in both illicit vape products and nicotine vape products. As a result, the Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) prohibited cannabis dispensaries from selling marijuana-infused vape cartridges during this time. Although the ban was lifted after a few months, it wasn’t until August of this year that the CCC allowed retesting of the quarantined vapes for possible resale – a full year or more after those vape cartridges were initially produced.

In determining the best next steps for these cartridges, Temescal Wellness considered that most of these quarantined cartridges were close to their expiration date and deemed the product was less than their quality standards. As such, the Temescal Wellness team decided to destroy these vape cartridges.

Temescal Wellness is a vertically integrated licensed Cannabis Dispensary with locations in Framingham, Hudson, and Pittsfield, that has always had safety, compliance, and sanitation as core business practices. When the team decided to destroy these quarantined cartridges, they felt that documenting the process through video would be both educational and fun. The footage captures some of that process and what it looks like to destroy $2.6 million in quarantined vape cartridges.

Please find the attached videos of what it looks like to safely destroy more than 40,000 vapor cartridges.

Link to videos

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