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At a time when the US is fighting against drug- menace, a massive marijuana grow operation inside a booby-trapped church was unearthed on Thursday. ‘New York Post’ has reported that Tennessee officials uncovered about 2,000 cannabis plants in uniform rows throughout the former house of worship. According to the sheriff’s department, it is the biggest bust in Stewart County history. The authorities have said that the former Methodist Church was rigged with “a very sophisticated growing environment” that included growing and watering systems, set on timers.

Designed to keep police away

The officers said that it was designed to keep the police and intruders away. The department said that the police officers were slowed down in the search by the possibility of booby traps laid out for law enforcement. Investigators said that a large amount of possibly toxic chemicals were found.

Skunk-like stench

The police officers descended on the former church after a three-week investigation that was launched when neighbors of the church complained of a skunk-like stench. The police have one person in custody, but more arrests are expected to be made.

After conducting interviews, the Stewarts County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) looked into the property’s electric bill. The bill came out to about $3,000 a month along with a high water bill. The SCSO said the investigation took longer than expected due to the possibility of booby traps being laid out for law enforcement.

Sheriff: not fly-by-night…

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