TerrAscend: A Growing Cannabis Stock That Actually Makes MoneyPosted by On

The entire cannabis industry is reeling from overbuild and oversupply after legalization in Canada. However, during that time, a smaller company has built themselves up to being revenue positive and profitable, a trend I expect to continue. TerrAscend (OTCQX:TRSSF) is growing their revenues by triple digits YoY and maintaining a cash positive position. With the rest of the cannabis industry back on their heels, downsizing, this is a strong position to be in as TerrAscend is now able to move into markets aggressively. While I would love to own this stock seeing it could be a good long-term prospect, I am not certain as to the current price. But, some analysis and further numbers will tell a better picture.

Readers may remember that not only was I once a big proponent of cannabis stocks, I was heavily investing in them. Unfortunately, back in early 2019 while I was traveling through Central and South America, I contracted a virus that took me out for about 18 months. Because of that,…

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