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  • Legal cannabis in Thailand has boosted tourism and agriculture but faces criticism for perceived under-regulation leading to accessibility to minors and increased crime.
  • The Health Minister proposed a draft bill to ban recreational cannabis while allowing medical use, pending Cabinet approval for submission to Parliament.
  • The draft law would criminalize recreational use with a fine.

Two years after Thailand made pot legal, the country appears set to crack down on its freewheeling drug market with a ban on “recreational” use.

Legal cannabis has fueled Thailand’s tourism and farming trades and spawned thousands of neon green shops, but it’s facing public backlash over perceptions that under-regulation has made the drug available to kids and caused crime.

The Health Minister Chonlanan Srikaew said last week that he had recommended a draft bill to the Cabinet that would ban recreational cannabis use while allowing medical. The Cabinet is expected to approve sending that Parliament soon, but has not yet taken it up as of its most recent meeting on Tuesday.


A draft version of the law that was circulated for public comment in January would make using cannabis “for entertainment or pleasure” a crime punishable by a $1,700 fine. It would allow medical marijuana, but didn’t give details of how it would be controlled.

Preparing cannabis

Rattapon Sanrak prepares buds of marijuana for customers at his shop in Bangkok,…

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