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The All Knowing Nod

I must admit, I can’t help but find a little enjoyment in a surprised reaction when the topic of Fibromyalgia treatment comes up and I am asked what I do for my symptoms. First the eyebrows raise then comes the all knowing nod with “Aha, wow… Good for you.” (Whatever that really means)

It’s honestly no secret, I have nothing to hide buuut….
Marijuana still has quite a stigma. Makes you feel like you have to keep it on the down-low, even when it’s legal where you live and even if it is medicine for you…

I really don’t want people to think of me as a ‘Pothead’ because I’m not.  I am a regular woman with a normal life as a mom and wife; I have a professional job and do normal everyday things.  I just happen to treat my Fibromyalgia with Cannabis rather than other more popular pain medicines like antidepressants and addictive opioids.

I am a responsible person who made a responsible decision about the best treatment for me.  That’s all.  It doesn’t affect my work or who I am as a person other than when it helps to treat symptoms that would otherwise make work or life more difficult.

For example, sometimes I take my medicine to help me sleep and miraculously I am able to perform better at work and life after a good nights rest.

I’ve spoken with many people who are unwilling to even give cannabis a try because they don’t want to be judged and that is really such a shame. It’s too bad because I know what it can do. It’s changed my life and has given me freedom to control and manage my treatment my way.

It could do the same for you too.  Is it legal where you are? Would you try it for yourself if you could? Why or why not?

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A Fibromyalgia fighter who blogs about everyday life with a Chronic Illness as well as my experiences with Medical Cannabis for treatment

8 thoughts on “The All Knowing Nod

  1. I love peoples reactions when I tell them I use medical marijuana lol

    1. I do too really. What I don’t like is feeling like if it was known at my job, would this keep me from advancement due to judgement? I don’t know… I kind of think it would right now

    2. I had a job at a airport and they said if I had a medical card I wouldnt need to worry about drug test but I know all jobs and states are different

  2. Thank you for sharing your story with us!

  3. We don’t have drug tests for office staff however, I have worked hard to get to where I am now with an eye on moving toward management. I’d hate to think that someone would judge and hold me back because I choose to be open about treating my illness with Cannabis as opposed to conventional pain killers.

    1. Hopefully one day that kind of thing wont be a concern for people. Its a shame that sort of thing happens to people. I know at my day job it certainly would have prevented me from reaching the position I currently hold.

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