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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) – There have been multiple incidents of marijuana producers falling out of compliance with cannabis control board standards.

The Cannabis Control Board halted further sales of all marijuana produced by a grower called Holland cannabis, after someone reported becoming sick after consuming it.

And just a few days later, we learned that neighbors’ complaints led to Hyde Park producer, Green River Cannabis getting a 5,000 dollar fine for violations involving recordkeeping, product packaging, and fungicide.

Channel 3 asked the board about what approach they’re taking with growers found out of compliance.

“We have five categories of violations category one being the most severe… for a category one violation, there is the potential for up to $20,000 in administrative fines for a category five potential for up to $2,500,” said Nellie Marvel, the outreach and education manager for the Cannabis Control Board. “We’re really trying to do an education first approach with our licensees… there’s a long history of government really cracking down on folks involved in the legacy market. So, we’re really trying to build trust and work with people to bring them back up to compliance.”

The control board says that since the cannabis market is so new, they want the focus to be on collaboration instead of cracking down on producers.

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