THE CANNABIS CONUNDRUM – Can Local Banks Bank on Marijuana?Posted by On

THE 1st National Bank three weekends ago held a public discussion on ‘Banking and the Marijuana Industry’ – and to this day, to what extent the bank will be driven by the results is still a sixty-million-dollar question..

The latest in its continuing series of lectures organized by the bank’s Stanley A. French Education Forum, the lively discussion took place at the Financial Administrative Centre at Pointe Seraphine on Saturday October 13.

Image of the 1st National discussion
The 1st National discussion has put local banks on notice…

The bank had already discussed issues relating to ‘Money Laundering’ and ‘De-risking’. So, with millions involved – and this being Financial Literacy Month — the island’s first indigenous bank, now in its 88th year brought the debate to the banking industry’s…

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