The Entrepreneurial Journey That Led to the Creation and Rapid Rise of Xperience CBDPosted by On

January 27, 2024


On the latest segment of “PowerUp with Manal,” host Manal Keen sat down with Akash Arora, the spirited founder and CEO of Xperience CBD. The two examined the burgeoning world of holistic health, along with the swift and remarkable journey of Xperience CBD, a company born out of a personal quest for pain relief and transformed into a thriving business in under two months.

Arora talks about his goals as a visionary entrepreneur who, driven by his passion for sports and holistic well-being, crafted a successful business in an astonishingly short period. The conversation explores his personal story, the inception of Xperience CBD, and the remarkable growth trajectory of the company. With anecdotes of personal transformation, overcoming obstacles, and the relentless pursuit of a dream, this episode’s discussion stands to highlight the power of determination and the spirit of entrepreneurship. Listeners will be treated to an inspiring journey from the birth of an idea to the successful launch and rapid expansion of a business that is not just making waves in the market but also leaving a profound impact on…

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