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Casey Rothgeb

The main staging area for the outdoor grow. The majority of the workers are here trimming and then based on the quality of the strain overall and the plant’s density it can either be put in dry rooms to hang for flower or shucked into another bucket for concentrate processing in the future. The front pile is what’s left of the plants after they have been harvested and are ready to be discarded.

Cannabis can have an array of colors depending on the strain and stage of life. At the beginning you see bright greens mostly like any other new plant but when you come around to the maturity of the plant around harvest some develop dark purple leaves or other stay a vivid green or like this one here and its gradient of color moving from the middle of the plant out.

Full, dense cola’s means today is the day for these plants to come down.

Using a sawzall is much preferred to a hand saw as it makes cutting down the cannabis a breeze for the workers. It is just one…

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