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Leonida Watson – the author of “The Lost Child in World War II”

A Book About A Child In World War II

WINCHESTER, OREGON, UNITED STATES, June 29, 2022 / — Leonida Watsons lived in the Philippines until her teenage life. She had a challenging experience while she was growing up. She witnessed how her family was killed. Over the years she has never forgotten that unfortunate experience. Despite how broken she was, she persevered and became successful in her career and family.

Once she was settled, she decided to start sharing her experiences with people which inspired her to write a book. Then she remembered the promise she made to her late father before he passed. She promised him that she will let the world know about the heroic deeds her father has done for the country (the Philippines).

Leonida is very proud of what her father did for the country so the book “The Lost Child Of World War II” was born.

The book is now available at Barnes and Noble. Please click the link to purchase the book.

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