The Missing Piece to Expanding Texas’ Medicinal Marijuana ProgramPosted by On

For the last several legislative sessions, Texas lawmakers have inched forward the state’s compassionate use program for medicinal marijuana. What started in 2015 as a prescription for severe epilepsy has expanded to include autism, cancer, post-traumatic stress disorder, and incurable neurodegenerative diseases.

North Texas representative Stephanie Klick, a nurse who is also the House Committee on Public Health chair in the Texas House of Representatives, has been the author and sponsor of all the medicinal marijuana bills. One factor that might comfort lawmakers wary of expanding marijuana use in Texas is the ability to efficiently track, trace, and regulate where the plants, oils, medicines, and other THC products are at each point in the supply chain. Right now, Texas lacks a robust process to do so.

Most states with an extensive medicinal or recreational marijuana program have safeguards to provide market safety and transparency to state agencies. These states have a centralized database chronicling all the legal cannabis plants and products and other information. The database notes where the product comes from, where and by whom it was tested for safety and quality, where it went for retail or prescription, where it sold, and for how much. This solution can ensure the illicit product doesn’t enter the market, maintaining safety and quality for patients and consumers. Most states require a track and trace program for their medicinal or recreational marijuana…

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