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The fact that vaporizers are a rage nowadays has led to an influx of new devices in a market that is already overcrowded. But to cement their positions in an extremely competitive environment, these new vaporizers need to try and establish their superiority and find a way to stand out.  Many of them are definitely an eye candy to look at, but leave a lot to be desired when it comes to performance. However, Arizer is a brand that has already established their credibility with their earlier products like Air and Solo and hence any new announcement or launch from this house of vape is met with a lot of excitement and expectation. In case of the ArGo which is short for the Arizer Go things are no different and as the new portable option from the house it has created a buzz already.

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Arizer has combined everything it is known for in the ArGo package which includes the popular glass stems and is responsible for a flavorful vapor that is clean and pure. At the price of $269.95 the Arizer ArGo Kit along with its in-built features has combined the best of both Arizer Solo 2 and Arizer Air 2. Be it the swappable 18650 battery, the glass mouthpiece or granular temperature controls, it is simply an indication that the new vape on the block is there to rule the lists of Best Dry Herb Vaporizers in the market for a long time in the future. The various things you will find in the kit are an Arizer ArGo dry herb vaporizer, one 18650 Li ion battery, one packing tool with two glass mouthpieces, two silicone stem caps with four stainless filter screens, one USB charger or power adapter and one carrying case.

The key features of the Arizer ArGo include the most practical conveniences that ensure that your vaping experience remains the most soothing while maintaining its discreetness. It is compatible with dry herb and the vaporizer is a low maintenance product that hardly requires any cleaning and if at all it is needed to be cleaned once in a while, it is extremely easy to do. It has an interchangeable 18650 Li ion battery and enables pass through charging. The vaporizer features a temperature range of 112°F – 428°F that is wide and obviously opens up a world of options for a connoisseur to experiment with which means that you can set the temperature anywhere up to and as high as 220°C. ArGo stays true to the commitment of the house of the Canadian brand Arizer to deliver the most amazing quality of vapor which definitely makes no compromises on the flavor but makes sure it is not only cool but also pure, drawing the best of your herbs.

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