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The dynamic duo love to show their private car collection

BERLIN, GERMANY, October 15, 2020 / — The Satin Crew have been sharing short cinematic footage online of their road trips in their luxurious cars. Marco and Alexander have been showcasing their road trips on their website, but also on their social media accounts such as Instagram and Tik Tok. They have a strong follower count, especially on instagram, with over 47,000 followers sharing a mutual interest with them, which is cars.

Alexander stated that, “We love showing our cars to everyone, because it is a hobby that we’re passionate about. Our road trips are filmed in order to highlight the incredible features that our cars have and we want our supporters to be a part of our journey.”

The Satin Crew have a range of cars in their private collection from different brands such as Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, Rolls Royce, BMW, McLaren and Lamborghini….

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