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The purpose of the study was to examine sex differences in cannabis use patterns between recreational and medical cannabis users. With the growth of the cannabis industry, changes in public awareness about the risks of marijuana and increasing rates of use make it critical that research is conducted to better understand the effects of cannabis in humans.

The study included 2374 marijuana users which were asked to complete an anonymous, online survey that measured their marijuana use practices, including the short-term acute effects of cannabis and it’s withdrawal effects. Another1418 medical cannabis users also indicated their medical conditions in which they use cannabis and what they observed.

The results indicated that men reported using cannabis more often, in higher quantities than did women. Men report using joints/blunts, vaporizers, and concentrates more often. While women were more likely to use pipes and oral administration. Men were more likely than women to report increased appetite, improved memory, enthusiasm, altered time perception, and increased musicality when high, while women were more likely than men to report loss of appetite and desire to clean when high.

Men were more likely than women to report insomnia, vivid dreams during periods of withdrawal, while women were more likely than men to report nausea and anxiety as withdrawal symptoms. Men are also more likely to use cannabis for medicinal purposes and begin use at a younger age.

Differences between the sexes in the areas where medical marijuana is used, and its efficacy, were very minor.

This information will help the expanding population of marijuana users, as well as medical professionals and policymakers, to make informed decisions about the risks and benefits of cannabis use.

Source: National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.S. National Library of Medicine

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