There are lots of good reasons for Connecticut to legalize marijuana usePosted by On

In 2021, Connecticut will debate legalizing marijuana. The governor wants it, 63.4 percent of Connecticut residents want it, taxpayers need it and nationwide, a ton of criminal justice reform campaigners and —here’s the part you hear least frequently— law enforcement officers also want it. There are solid reasons for this, despite commentary to the contrary, and that is especially so here in the Nutmeg State.

Liz Mair

We all know how overburdened Connecticut taxpayers are, and how property taxes have in recent years crept up even as housing values have not. We all know that COVID-19, and the response to it, has blown a massive hole in the state budget that even the entirety of the state’s rainy day fund, if liquidated, could not fill. We all know this is a recipe for more tax hikes.

But what you might not know is that a new study from the University of Connecticut’s Fred Carstensen shows direct new revenue from legalization could go as high as $48 million in the first…

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