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Five states are preparing to vote this November for cannabis legalization – Arkansas, Maryland, Missouri North Dakota and South Dakota- while Colorado could end up legalizing psychedelics. 

Should the five marijuana initiatives pass next month, more than half the US population will have legal access to cannabis, noted NORML’s political director Morgan Fox.

“It doesn’t make sense to continue to allow the market for cannabis to be controlled by unregulated operators and in some cases, criminal organizations for something that is objectively safer than alcohol and that other states have shown can be regulated,” Fox said.

If recent surveys are to be believed, legalization prospects look good. Another factor to take into account is tax revenue, which is substantial in states where cannabis is already legal for recreational and medicinal purposes.

States wherein voters will vote on cannabis legalization in November are: 

  1. Arkansas

Responsible Growth Arkansas‘ campaign qualified for the ballot this past July, after a somewhat bumpy ride in which the state’s Supreme Court finally intervened and ruled in favor of the campaign’s continuation.

The initiative would allow adults over 21 to purchase and possess up to one ounce of cannabis from licensed retailers for medical and recreational use, with no home cultivation allowed nor provisions for expunging or sealing past marijuana records.

A supplemental tax could be imposed on recreational cannabis…

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