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In the municipality of Yaguará, uniformed personnel from the Huila Police Department, in a joint effort between units of the SIJIN and the National Surveillance Model, managed to capture 2 men who were traveling in a car with more than 120 kilos of marijuana.

Thus, at an information and control post on the Yaguará-Neiva road, they made a stop sign for a car, which ignored the police order, increasing speed and fleeing. The chase began immediately, being intercepted moments later on the road, at the height of the Upar path.

Then the two men who were occupying it got out of the vehicle, finding in the rear seat 4 tulas in which 260 ziploc-type bags with marijuana were packed, weighing approximately 130 kilos.

The two men, 24 and 27 years old, were captured and placed at the disposal of the local Prosecutor’s Office 19 of Yaguará, for the crime of trafficking, manufacturing and possession of narcotics.

This cache would be destined for the interior of the country, where its commercial value would oscillate between 70 and 80 million pesos. Likewise, more than 135,000 doses of marijuana are taken out of circulation.

So far this year, more than 1 ton of marijuana has been seized on the roads of Huila, thanks to the frontal fight that the Police Department is carrying out against this scourge.

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