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Bud Trimmers Reviews

If you get to the end of your growing season and are preparing for your harvest, there are still many
considerations before going ahead. Its still an exciting time after months of watching your cannabis
flowers mature and waiting in anticipation for this moment of harvesting.

Things to consider before you cut your crop down:

– a clean, dark, well ventilated drying area to hang your plants for drying.
– are you going to wet trim, or dry trim.
– working area to harvest your cannabis flowers .
– a place to cure your buds.
– a process to get rid of the excess stems, sugar and fan leaves.

Most importantly having the right tools to get the job done of bud trimming. Depending on your
situation, budget, time, size and frequency of your harvest. It is a lot of work and time just to
harvest one fairly large plant. You need good tools to get a good job done, which will add value and
quality to your final product.

Instead of using simple scissors, there are now many specialized products online that make a
growers life much easier when it comes to trimming your buds. You can choose the products after reading
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No matter whether its one plant or
1000 below are some excellent bud trimming options:

If you are a new gardener with a couple of plants I would suggest getting a good pair of scissors.
Green ThumbPro Hydroponic Scissors are well recommended in the cannabis industry. Sold in a
pack of two, one set is a pruner shear for stems and the other is a flower trimmer for more detailed
work. This product is used by both amateurs and professionals growers alike, a good start to any

“My fiance works as a trimmer on a farm and these are his favorite trimmers ever. He loves having
the option of the curbed blade vs. the straight blade.”

There are also middle of the range bowl trimmers, that can save you a lot of time and blisters. More
for the hobbyist grower they do allow for some sort of automation of your bud trimming. The GLEAF
Leaf Bowl Trimmer is a good choice. It has a serrated and straight razor blade, for either dry
or wet buds. Although not a perfect trimmer, it does save growers a lot of time.

“Clipped up the harvest with no issue. Sure some residue was left behind on the bowl, a very small
price to pay for the time saved. This thing is borderline voodoo magic.”

For the commercial farmer who is harvesting larger more frequent cannabis crops , Trimpro bud
trimmer is all that is needed. Easy to use, simply put the plant on the grate and watch the Trimpro
do the work for you and suck it through the blades, separating buds from the plant and leaf matter.

“ It does a trim a lot of weed very fast, but you sacrifice bag appeal and smell. “

I hope you found the information and reviews useful and have more insight into trimming your
buds. Happy harvesting!



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