This cannabis patient is believed to be the first in Utah to face drug charges since the new state law was enacted. Prosecutors later dropped all counts.Posted by On

Jason Harris’ heart sank as the blue lights of a police car began to flash in his rearview while he was hurrying to work one morning.

It’s been a few months since then, and he’s still kicking himself for speeding down the street near his Lehi home.

But the initial traffic stop was only the beginning of Harris’ troubles. Because when he rolled down his window to hand over his license and registration, the officer caught a whiff of marijuana.

“The officer very well may have smelled cannabis,” Harris, 44, said during a Wednesday news conference. “Because I did have some.”

Harris says he uses cannabis medicinally to treat his migraines and other ailments related to a brain tumor. And on Wednesday, advocates presented him as the first Utah patient to be prosecuted for marijuana possession after the December passage of the state’s medical cannabis law.

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