This Durham cop intentionally misled bosses about his unlicensed marijuana dispensary, the OPP concluded. He has never faced disciplinePosted by On

Edgar’s dispensary’s website offered consumers pot brownies, a weed-infused chocolate hazelnut spread called “Chrontella” and other edible products that at the time were illegal to sell, a 2016 Star investigation found. After the Star began asking questions, Edgar stepped away from the business, which he says never sold any marijuana products before shutting down.

The OPP report says its investigators were instructed to see if Durham’s secondary-employment process had been properly followed in Edgar’s case and to flag any “conduct issues” to Durham police to investigate. The final report was given to Durham police in September 2017.

A year earlier, while the investigation was still ongoing, the OPP repeatedly informed Durham’s then-deputy chief Uday Jaswal that it had identified “misconduct” by Const. Edgar, the report said.

Jaswal responded by…

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