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This State Plans To Ban Sales Of Pet CBD & Hemp Products

As of November 1, the sale of CBD and hemp-derived products for pets will be banned, reported Idaho News.

These products are considered illegal by the Idaho State of Agriculture (ISDA), even though they contain no THC and are third-party tested, said Jennifer Willett, the owner of pet supply store Bark N’ Purr.

“Our products are 0.0% THC, the third-party tested, so that means there’s nothing sliding through here that is going to be dangerous to an animal,” Willett said.

However, Chanel Tewalt, deputy director of ISDA, pointed out that these products are considered illegal at the federal and state levels. “These products are considered adulterated,” she added.

Idaho became the 50th state to legalize hemp after House Bill No. 26 was passed in the state’s April 2021 legislature.

Oklahoma Supreme Court Strikes Down Two Challenges To Marijuana Legalization

Out of four complaints in total submitted by those opposing Oklahoma’s marijuana legalization ballot initiative, two complaints dealing with the signature certification were killed in the state Supreme Court on Friday, reported Marijuana Moment.

The dismissed complaint from a former Oklahoma lawmaker, Mike Reynolds, claimed that review of the signatures was almost impossible without taking legal action, while the other, from cannabis activist Paul Tay, questioned the validity of signatures collected on sovereign Indian land.

The remaining two complaints are related to the…

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