Thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters march through Auckland’s CBD, stick ‘wanted’ photos to US consulatePosted by On

It comes as our MPs views begin to diverge more with Labour’s Damien O’Connor saying what’s happened in Gaza amounts to genocide. 

However, at the same time, the new coalition Government is saying that there should be various conditions to be met before they call for a permanent ceasefire.

“I see it as a genocide and I think the New Zealand Government hasn’t really taken a strong stance of calling for a permanent ceasefire. That’s all we’re asking,” Mortaja added. 

But perhaps Greens co-leader Marama Davidson has faith the new Foreign Minister will take a stand. 

“We are lending you support Mr Peters to be the strongest Foreign Affairs Minister that you can possibly be at this time when the world needs you to be,” Davidson told Newshub. 

The protesters marched to the US consulate where some taped “wanted” posters with pictures of people they say the Israeli forces have killed. 

“We’re showing the world Israel’s crime and murders and how many children and innocent people they have murdered,” one woman said. 

A senior police officer at the scene tried to stop people from putting the posters on the door, but they refused. Minutes later the march continued peacefully back up Queen Street. 

Organisers insist these demonstrations will continue for as long as it takes to bring an end to the war. 

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