Threat of federal rebuke limits Iowans’ medical marijuana accessPosted by On

GOP lawmaker: “It’s ridiculous — we passed a law that says you can use these products and here you can’t use them in schools or nursing homes.”

Threat of federal rebuke limits Iowans’ medical marijuana access

Cannabis plants are shown in July 2018 inside the MedPharm Iowa plant in Des Moines. (The Gazette)

It’s 2022, the second year of a Democratic presidential administration, and marijuana still is very illegal under federal law. Iowa and most other states are still running illicit medical cannabis cartels.

The feds probably won’t start putting people in prison over Iowa’s heavily restricted medical cannabis program. Still, any entity that is regulated or funded by the federal government faces the threat of severe consequences for accommodating illegal drug use.

In particular, schools and residential care centers worry they could lose federal funding for their part in helping to administer cannabis, a Schedule I drug wrongly classified by the federal government as having a high potential for abuse and no accepted medical value.

Iowa policymakers have been trying to bring the medical program in line with federal law but it’s a slow and frustrating process. A bipartisan Iowa Senate subcommittee this past week advanced a resolution calling on…

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