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According to a recent survey by Yahoo News and Marist University, cannabis use is common and acceptable to a majority of Americans and free of the old stigma and stereotypes associate with pot use in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Now people talk openly about their use of marijuana with friends and family and don’t feel the need to hide it, as they once did. The majority of Americans now favor an end to prohibition of marijuana. Now, there are almost as many marijuana users in the USA as there are cigarette smokers.

Over 50% of adult citizens of the US have tried marijuana at least once, according to the survey. Almost 55 million, or 22 percent, currently use cannabis. According to the survey current use means one or two times in the past 12 months. And, close to 35 million people are estimated to use cannabis at least one or two times every month. Other surveys have confirmed these estimates to varying degrees. The US has a total population of approximately 322 million. The adult population is around 250 million. That translates into 20% of the adult population as having used, or currently using marijuana. That’s a big chunk of the population. Most people see marijuana use as socially acceptable without the stigmas present in earlier decades. The illegality of marijuana is a reason that many potential users abstain. So, if legal the number of people using marijuana would likely soar. In fact, the survey indicated that 27% of folks who do not use cannabis say that the illegality of the substance is a reason. Among the other reasons cited as to why people refrain from using cannabis is that they simply do not like it or they believe it is not healthy or they simply had no interest in using it.

Another niche related to marijuana use is for the non-psychoactive compound in cannabis and hemp called CBD. See here There are numerous compounds in cannabis plants. The two best known are THC and CBD. THC is, of course, the compound that produces a high. CBD on the other hand does not. But, as has been noted in many press reports, there may be a number of medicinal benefits and nutritional benefits from CBD. But, for consumers interested in using it, trying to find the best CBD oil can be difficult. There are many companies marketing CBD oil now making a range of claims about CBD. Some of the claims are unproven. And, the proper way to determine to determine whether or not a product is a quality one is confusing at best. Regardless, consumer interest in CBD seems to be substantial and lawmakers around the country and the world are sorting out whether the substance is an illegal drug, a nutritional supplement or a medicine.


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